AFRO STITCH & TEX … Textile Industries Potential

AFRO STITCH & TEX … Unlocking Africa’s Textile Industries Potential

Renowned exclusively for seven consecutive editions as the one and only business event committed to providing awe-inspiring novelties within the textile technologies sector; AFRO STITCH & TEX stimulates the upward momentum of the textile industries in the entire African continent; with spectacular trend displays, all-inclusive tendencies  expositions and conspicuous know-hows covering the entire spectrum of textile related technologies, equipment, fixtures, components, accessories, applications and fittings.

Highlighting a wide range of superior most modernized textile machinery and equipment demonstrated by the world’s supreme key players; AFRO STITCH & TEX upswings promptly as the sole distinctive professional trade event within the African continent; driven by the elevating demand on textile-related technologies.

Signifying the model business setting showcasing the most advanced conceptions and production lines to serve the prospering textile markets within the African continent, AFRO STITCH & TEX creates irreplaceable opportunities for the world’s key technology makers to expand their business reach in one of the hottest occupational spots all across the world.

Within AFRO STITCH & TEX, the most in-demand technologies, state-of-the-art machinery, and top trends from the textile industries sector are united in one place, where exhibitors will get associated with the most prominent trade buyers and top manufacturers from the entire African continent.  

Strengthening businesses at every niche and size; AFRO STITCH & TEX is incontrovertibly the most prestigious event that convenes the entire textile technologies community on the international, regional and local levels providing the ultimate business venue for industry leaders to network with peers, share insights, launch technologies and explore trading opportunities worth millions of dollars.

AFRO STITCH & TEX with more than 7 years of tremendous success; indeed holds the command, know-how, reputation and experience to reach out and attract thousands of quality visitors and decision makers from the textile manufacturing segment with full-purchasing power.